Stacker Toys

I have always enjoyed the idea of stacker toys, you know the ones we had as kids! So I decided to make Brooks one that was a little bit different than the typical stacker you see and it sparked some ideas for some other styles too!

Finishing the flowers, with Tung oil finish.

I started with the square stacker and then tried the gears and flowers! I’m loving how all 3 turned out!

Stacker toys are great for teaching about colors and sizes, as well as practicing sorting skills biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest!

I designed each stacker with Easel and then cut each piece using the X-Carve, measured the dowels and glued them to the biggest piece. I finished the dowels and bottom pieces with Tung oil. Then I chose paint colors for the stacker pieces and painted each with Old Fashioned Milk Paint and finished them with Tung Oil.

I think Brooks has decided for himself!

Now, I’m trying to make the hard decision of which we will keep for Brooks the gears or the square stacker.

Interested in getting a stacker? Have an idea for something different? I’d love to make one for your little one! To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

Check out this fun DIY option as well found at,! You can collect 6-7 different size, relatively flat stones. Paint them and then use those as stackers too!

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