Tabletop Sand Bin

Last year, Lance made these sand tools as his “dad project” and ever since, they have been a big hit and a bestseller. A few months ago, I had the idea of doing a miniature version for a small sensory bin for kids or even an adults desk!

So, the tabletop sand bin was born. This set is really fun because it is versatile! It would be perfect for a calm down corner to help a child who needs some quiet time. If I were still working at my last job, I would for sure be adding this to my desk! There are also tons of options when it comes to flash cards. these can be placed in the slot to help kids reference shapes, letters, numbers and even short words!

Lucian has already given this set a lot of attention. The best part is, it will grow with him too! We can use it to play and practice shapes now and as he gets interested, he can use it for practicing so much more!

This set is available in our Etsy shop, here. It includes, the bin, the tools and the sand!

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  1. Love these – my toddler (2 turning 3 this week) can entertain himself in the yard for hours with a little bit of sand and a digger truck or shovel. The issue is that I sometimes can’t spend hours outside in the yard to allow it – so having one of these would be a great idea in order to keep him busy, entertained and happy while I am able to be where I need to be (working from home inside if need be, or doing some house work or chores).
    What a simple yet brilliant way to keep the little ones happy! Dare I say, I probably could find myself lost in playing with these too, something very soothing about this type of activity to me even as an adult.
    Thank you for sharing!

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