Take a Ride

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!” ~Albert Einstein

May is National Bike Month, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share about the boys’ bikes! They LOVE their bikes and riding every chance they get!

BJ and I both love bike riding and hope to be able to continue this as a family! I am a much more leisurely rider while BJ LOVES mountain biking! One of our favorite things to do is vacationing at Anna Maria Island, FL and renting bicycles to travel around the island! We park the car when we get there and ride every where we go!

Brooks says bicycle like in this song by Elliot Park. It is the CUTEST thing, he’s got BJ and I both singing bicycle, bicycle every time we see a bike!

Brooks has a Schwinn Balance bike and LOVES to ride it! He is still a little short to walk it by himself so he puts his feet up and BJ and I push him on it for now until he gets a little taller! We found this at a Kid to Kid consignment shop, we found thats a GREAT place to get more expensive items like this!

Y BIKE: Lucian loves this bikes. We use it both indoors and outdoors. I love that younger kids can use it as a walker and then eventually ride it around and steer. The age range listed for this bike is 9months- 3 years and I can definitely see Lu loving it that long!

Winther Trike: This trike was given to us. Lucian already loves it. For now, he usually uses his feet to push himself but, he has started practicing pedaling while I push him slowly.

Balance Bike: Lucian has this bike on his birthday list. We like how the handle bar and seat are both adjustable and the bike is lightweight with an easy carry handle. He used Brooks’ balance bike recently and loved it!

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