For this project, I wanted to try a new way of coloring the birch we use. We typically use milk paint on our projects when we want to add color, but for this project I wanted to try something new. I looked up some toddler-safe options and found that you can dye the wood using liquid watercolors which are safe, non-toxic and bright! I love how these colors turned out and I will absolutely be looking for more things to dye!

Lucian is really into stacking and knocking down blocks, so even though he cant make a lot of shapes with the tangrams yet, we can use them to talk about colors and shapes. Of course we can stack them and knock them over too! 🙂 I also imagine I may find my husband in the playroom trying them out!

This set is made with Birch plywood. It is colored with liquid watercolors and finished/sealed with Hemp Oil. You can find it on our Etsy page here!

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