The Current Favorite Toys for our Boys

  • Tonies -Brooks LOVES his Tonies Box and so do we! It is great to use when he is in his stroller and in the car! It keeps him occupied and busy for hours. He listened to it on a 5 hour car ride over half of the time, majority of the time when he wasn’t napping. His favorites are Nemo, Cars, Lion King, Go Noodle, and the Jungle Book.
  • Thomas and Friends – Lucian loves all of his little Thomas the Train toys but this is by far his favorite one! He loves sending the trains around the track and watching the barrel dump down the ramp!
  • Bouncy Bee – Brooks loves this one and is so silly playing on it! I love listening to his giggles and all of the ways he plays with this. His current favorite is bouncing and then falling off of it, he giggles so much and gets back up and does it again!
  • Tool Sets – Theses are probably the toys he has loved the longest, he has wrenches, hammers, drills, saws and more. He finds “broken” things to fix everywhere we go!
  • Foam Building Blocks – Brooks loves building tall towers and knocking them! He loves it even more when we play with them with him. This is another one he giggles so much on when he gets to knock them down. These also encourage imaginative play because he uses them as a phone, likes to play sweet shop and sell doughnuts and coffee.
  • Bulldozer – Lu jumps on this or his Cozy Coupe Truck any time he goes outside. He loves to scoop up anything.. most recently fallen leaves.
  • Balance Bike – Brooks isn’t quite tall enough to do this by himself yet, BJ does this with him and really enjoys being able to help him with it until he is big enough to do it by himself. It is so much fun to see them interacting and playing together!
  • Bluey Playsets – Lucian’s Pretend Play and storytelling are really taking off lately. So when we aren’t playing Paw Patrol, Thomas or Dinosaurs, we are playing Bluey. The pool set also works with other characters and toys. We often hear “1 – 2 -3 – CANNONBALL! Splash!”
  • Brooks is also really into color matching right now! There are several things he really enjoys playing with that he color matches: Hedgehog, Acorn Puzzle, and Bingo Daubers– he loves painting with these and then he matches the lids to the appropriate colors when he finishes painting.
  • All cars, trucks and heavy machinery are favorites! The little cars you can get at gas stations, dollar general and even CVS are some of his favorites. As well as the ones that have the maxx action and go far when you push them.
  • Water Wow – Brooks LOVES these, he gets so excited when he paints and the colors magically appear. He also loves to share these with mom & dad and let us paint some too! These are another great option for the car too!
  • Smart Maxx – Lucian plays with these magnetic toys so often. We have them on his magnet board so he can use them anytime and they are very popular in the playroom.
  • Binoculars – Brooks LOVES his binoculars he just got these for his birthday and they are already a favorite! He played with binoculars for the first time at the park when he played with another little boys. He used them to look all around and went to search for blackberries at the edge of the woods at the park.
  • Sloth Puzzle – Lucian loves having me help him with this puzzle. I don’t think it will be long before he is doing it by himself and asking for more puzzles. He really enjoys it!
  • Cleaning Set – Anytime there is a spill or I am cleaning, Lu is running to grab his supplies too! He also plays in his kitchen every single day!

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