The Delivery Van Toy That Delivered a Humbling Experience

We all know too well the feeling of failure. This week I had this adorable post and project in mind. Lucian LOVES climbing on the couch (usually with our dog) to look out the window and see who is pulling into our driveway. If we are being honest, 99 percent of the time it is that blue van delivering packages that Mom and Dad ordered online. Of course, we do it because it brings joy to our son to see the van pull into the driveway.. Or maybe it is just because we have been home more than ever and learned through social media that we need more fun things (like the hair dye that is coming tomorrow ;).

So, what better way to celebrate his love for these delivery trucks/vans than to create a delivery van toy. I have been dreaming up this idea for awhile and was very excited about executing it.. Here I am, the night before I should have it ready for the Blog and our Etsy, and instead of sharing how adorable it is. I am sharing with you that, we don’t always get it right the first time.. Or the second time.. Or ever…

It is easy to say: “Self, here’s some grace.” but it is actually so hard to extend it. I am an Enneagram one, and if you haven’t heard, we have high expectations. We like things to be done well, especially when we are responsible for them.. So, here I am being painfully honest with you all and saying, I did not do this well. I put in so much work and creativity, but it did not pay off. I learned a lot; mostly what doesn’t work. But I am going to share it here anyways. Because, Jennie and I say all the time, we want to be honest and make other moms feel seen and supported. Moms who have had a project go wrong, Moms who have had a day go much worse than expected, Moms who have had an idea of how things would turn out only for them to not turn out at all, I see you. I am you. Here is my failed attempt at a delivery van toy. Almost every part needs tweaking. The paint ran… The engraving isn’t sharp… the pegs aren’t all straight.. It’s not my best work.

Please, let my failed delivery truck remind you that you can give yourself a little grace. Sometimes things don’t work out, but most of the time, you will get more chances (or in some cases, chances to scrap it and try something new) Also though, remember that your kids will love you just the same. Here is Lucian playing with this van. He doesn’t care that the paint is not sharp or that things are a little crooked. I guess sometimes, it really is the thought that counts..

Now, back to the drawing board for this project. I plan on trying a new kind of paint, but I am taking any and all suggestions on how to improve it.

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