There is Magic in the Everyday

We have been seeing things through the boys eyes and allowing them to show us the magic in everyday moments and things! It amazes me how much Brooks pays attention to and notices around him, it is the simplest of things most of the time but he sees the magic in the them! It made me stop and think if we were to slow down and see things through his perspective how magical our moments could be!

Flowers, he takes time to stop and smell the flowers! We can be walking downtown, in a park, in our yard, anywhere and if he spots a flower he stops and sniffs and points. He notices the flowers a lot of the times before I even see them, he loves going over and smelling them and then turns around and gives me the biggest grin!

The Moon, he has recently become so interested in the moon and looks for it during the day! I never noticed how often you can see the moon during the day until we have started looking for it together! It has become so much fun looking to see if we can see it and I LOVE hearing him say “moon, moon”!

Critters, he loves all animals but has recently taken notice of small bugs and worms! He squats down and looks at them so intently as to study them and really see/wonder what they are doing.

Sharing through pretending, he has started pretending to cook and likes to share what he makes. He also shares his water, and snacks with BJ and I, but also with his baby, stuffed animals, toys, etc. It has been really fun to see not only him pretending and using his imagination but also him wanting to share!

One of my favorite things he does is smiling and saying hi to others, it reminds me how simple it is to be kind and how far a smile can go for others! When we are in the grocery store and he smiles and says “Hiii” to people, their eyes/faces light up so much, you can even see it behind their mask. This has made me think how simple that gesture is but it goes so far! I hope he always keeps this sincere kindness and notices the littles things!

Brooks has made me slow down and notice the little things; pausing and enjoying these things with him more! I want to challenge you to notice what your little ones consider magical and enjoy those things with them! Maybe you already know some things your little(s) consider magical, share them with us! We cannot wait to hear!

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