Things to Remember because Kids Say and Do the CUTEST Things

Kids do and say some of the sweetest, silliest, funniest, and cutest things! Of course sometimes they say some embarrassing things as well! Have your kiddos ever done or said any things that you thought I would really LOVE to remember that?

That is exactly what this is. Chloe and I compiled a list of things that Lucian and Brooks have said or done that we really want to remember because it is so stinking cute, funny, sweet, or just plain silly! We would LOVE for you to share some of your favorite things your kiddos, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren have said or done with us!

Chloe’s Things to Remember about Lucian:

  • The way you randomly call me COCo
  • The way you grab my face when you want to make sure I know something like that you want a chocolate chip cookie
  • The way you say Shooweee
  • The way you put your hands behind your head and lean back to watch tv
  • How you can’t walk by a piece of trash without picking it up to throw it away
  • Your out of control giggles
  • The way you have to buy two or three of anything to make sure your friends get one too
  • Your runners stance
  • When you thought the sound of thunder was a trash truck and then we’re concerned that it was in the rain
  • The amount of loveys you have collected and how they are overtaking your bed
  • How much you love to Facetime family
  • How you are Nana’s CupHead and NaNa’s Little Muffin
  • The way you “help” dad in the shop and know the names of all the tools
  • The way you remember who gave you almost every gift you’ve been given
  • The way you can PUT AWAY a bowl of ice cream
  • That your favorite snack for MONTHS was parmesan cheese on top of apples. And when you got cheese on your chin you would call it a “HoHo beard” and thought it was hilarious
  • The way you call dinosaurs “RAWRS” even though you can definitely say dinosaur
  • How much you love to play with me and Dad
  • When your laughs turn to the best, uncontrollable giggles
  • The way you laugh when people trip but then follow up with asking if they are okay
  • Your sense of style and your hats
  • We took you to Burger King ONE TIME and now when we say we are going to eat chicken you ask if you are going to get a crown.
  • When you get hurt, you ask me to “kiss it fast!”
  • Your dance moves
  • The way you think every train we hear is Thomas, Percy, James or Nia
  • The way you only eat the edges and crunchy parts of a lot of foods
  • Just the way you love others is so special and I love getting to watch and learn from it!

Jennie’s Things to Remember about Brooks:

  • When you want to do something or want something you say it so confidently and nod your head as you say it (as if telling, not asking)
  • The way you growl when someone takes something: like a waiter/waitress taking our empty plates
  • Your get set position when you’re about to race friends
  • When you do roll call when we ride in the truck to make sure mom and dad are still there
  • Your giggle when we are playing!
  • The way you request to build tall towers (taw tow) just so you can knock them down and laugh hysterically!
  • The way you ask okay? When someone gets hurt or something happens! Love that you check on people!
  • Your love of animals and how you want to feed or pet all of them!
  • The way you say “beep beep beep” when you back up 
  • The way you charge up and say nnnnope
  • Your sweetest little Uh Oh
  • Your sweet little Eskimo kisses 
  • The way you grab my hand and say mama up when you want to go do something together 
  • Your adventurer spirit, how curious you are and your love to explore and check things out
  • The way you wave at cars on a crosswalk to tell the driver thank you for letting us cross
  • The way you smile, wave, and say hey/hi to strangers. It’s great to see how you put a smile on their faces!
  • The way when we pull up at the park you say Nice Friends because we talk so much about being nice and kind to others.
  • The way you devour popsicles, biting them whole pieces at a time!
  • The way you LOVE others and love to give hugs (snugs), noggins DUDE, and knucks (knuckles)!
  • Your love of Nemo and how you tell me about how he touches the boat (touch boat) and the shark (Bruce)
  • How you know where the pouches are and help yourself to them in the pantry
  • Your love to help anyway you can whether it us with laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, throwing things away, and how proud you are for being such a helper
  • Your determination to figure things out and do it yourself as much as possible
  • The time at target that you were saying other seat talking about the other seat in the shopping cart but it sounded like Oh Sh** 😳 and you repeated it over and over again while I had a moment of panic trying to figure out what in the world you were saying 😂

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