Time Wellspent

This is not an ad. 🙂 But I have an app I want to share with any moms, parents or just people in general who feel that they are spending too much time on their phones/social media.

I downloaded Wellspent about two weeks ago and since day one, I have seen a huge difference in the way I spend my time. Wellspent allows you to budget how much time you would like to spend on specific apps. Then, you can set it to send you a notification when you have been on those apps for a certain amount of time. I have mine set to 5 minutes. And it is perfect for me. So often, I find myself scrolling for so long before I even realize that I am just wasting time. It also relieves some guilt, because I know that if I am on my phone, it is within my limited budget and also, I know it will remind me to spend my time more wisely in 5 minutes. The reminder pops up and asks if you are spending your time well and want to spend 5 more minutes or if you are ready to leave the app.

The app is fun too, because you can tell it how you want it to talk to you, if you want it to be angry with you, kind to you, sassy or silly. The app will send reminders in the tones you choose. Apps are designed to keep you on them and engaged. The back to back minutes or hours of scrolling is exactly what they are designed to get from you, so if you struggle with this too, I highly recommend this app! I even paid the yearly subscription and I hate to pay for an app, but I find this one totally worth it, so far!

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