Toddler Marble Maze Toy

These handheld, marble maze toys are so fun for young kids. We plan to take ours with us to the grocery store for Lu to play with in the cart! His busy board and cars are his current favorite cart toys, and this will be a great addition to the rotation!

I had fun designing these because with the added recess for the marble and another recess for the plexiglass, I needed to learn a couple of things! I cut these on the CNC router and cut the plexiglass using the laser engraver. I especially enjoy projects that allow me to switch up the tools I am using.

I may add a few more shapes in the future like square triangle and a heart! After these were cut on the CNC, I sanded them and finished them with Hemp Oil.

I really enjoyed this process and am already dreaming up what’s next. You can find these marble mazes in our Etsy shop here.

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