Toddler Travel Tips

We just finished a big road trip to see friends and thought we would share some things we found helpful! These are tips you can use with your little one, or even things you can have shipped to a close friend or family as a little surprise before a road trip!

  • Take breaks (planned or unplanned). We stopped at Bass Pro Shop on the way up so the boys could walk around and see the fish! On the way home we grabbed lunch and went to a local park to have a picnic and let the boys play. Rest Areas with lots of green space are another great place to stop and let little ones run around.
  • Bring snacks! Snacks were a great thing to have, sometimes we stopped and got out to have a snack and other times we had them while driving. We really like these snack cups for smaller snacks (like goldfish and cheerios) for Lu.
  • Bring a cup that fits well in your little one’s cupholder. This is not our favorite cup but it is the only one Lu can get in and out of his cup holder himself. And when you’re driving for hours, it makes a huge difference.
  • I filled a basket with new and old, car appropriate toys and books and put it right by Lucian’s carseat. He still needed some help, but again I feel like the more independence you can give them, the better!
  • Water WOW! There are MANY variations of these, but your little one can paint with water, they are reusable and there is no mess! These are a huge win!
  • Busy Books This one was an affordable option and Lu really enjoyed it.
  • Bluetooth Headphones I HIGHLY recommend these headphones. I made Lucian a playlist on my phone and play music for him. He loves going into his dad’s office to listen to music on his headphones, so we bought him his own. The size is good and he has so much room to grow. They are very durable and cordless is definitely better for in the car!
  • A fun learn to dress toy like this Llama Llama plush, Brooks loves zippers and buttons so this was a GREAT thing to keep him busy while riding!
  • Tonies is an AWESOME toy Brooks really enjoys and it is GREAT for road trips too! He can choose which Tonie he wants to listen too. Some have books being read and music, others are just music! He really loves Nemo, the Lion King, and the Playtime and Action Songs right now.
  • Reusable Stickers: I actually don’t recommend these for travel with a toddler. I saw them on another blog and ordered them. Both boys enjoyed them and they are great for at home. But, the stickers are too hard for toddlers to remove from the initial page!
  • Just remember that you can do all the right things and your little one will likely still have some rough moments. I know we saw some tears and heard some whining. A ten hour drive is not fun for anyone, but we think the memories made from travel are totally worth it, especially when loved ones are involved!

Have things that have worked for your little one when traveling? We would love for you to share them with us by commenting below!

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