Trash Truck Trash Bash

Brooks LOVES Trash Truck on Netflix and this started a LOVE for ALL things Trash Trucks! He looks for and spots Trash Trucks when we are out and about! He LOVES helping dad take up the trash cans on Sunday nights for our trash day on Monday!

So for Brooks’ 2nd birthday we decided to go with a Trash Bash as the theme and he LOVED it!

We purchased a balloon arch and birthday banner from Amazon, super CUTE and the balloon arches make it look like really official and are easy to put together! We got a few items like cake toppers, plates, and napkins from Amazon. Then we did solid colored plates from Mighty Dollar along with tablecloths.

BJ, Brooks, and I had matching Trash Truck shirts from the Trash Truck Store.

Because Brooks really loves dump trucks, diggers, and all things that go we mixed some other kinds of trucks and diggers in too!

My mom and dad got Brooks a bounce house for his birthday and it was a big hit at the birthday! Brooks loves bubbles so we had the bubble machine going too! We got Brooks a ride on Trash Truck for his birthday and he LOVES it! He loves riding it but even more he loves dumping out the trash and then sorting it to put it back in the truck. We also got him the Trash Truck book and it has been a HIT!

We had pizza because on the show they do a sleepover (Slumber Party episode) with pizza. We also had a couple of salads, veggie & fruit trays too! We had ice cream to go with the chocolate cake/cupcakes MiMi made. We had to get Mint Chocolate Chip because on the Trash Truck show they have a Mint Choco Boom episode and whenever we got get ice cream Brooks says Mint Choco Boom even though he doens’t like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream 😂!

We had so much fun celebrating Brooks! Birthdays are so much FUN and as he gets older and is into celebrating more and more it is even more fun to plan and celebrate together!

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