Tug of War as a Mom

Something I have started noticing as a mom of a toddler and the more vocal Brooks gets is how it feels like I am being pulled in different directions! I feel like so often especially with adult conversations I am distracted or only partially listening because I am either watching Brooks or listening when he talks! When I hear his little voice I feel a tug on my heart to listen and give him my attention. This can be hard because as a mom we need adult conversation and interactions too!

At Christmas I had to apologize to my mom because she was talking to me and I didn’t even realize because I was so laser focused on Brooks in that moment! I felt horrible and of course when I apologized to her for being so distracted and not even knowing she was talking to me she was so understanding and completely got it as a mom of 3!!!

I find this happens a lot with my husband, mom friends, family, and out in public I feel bad when I realized it has happened. I know other moms get it but try not to use that as an excuse but allow it to be an opportunity to think about next time how I can be more present while still being there for Brooks! As someone who truly cares about others and know what they have to say is important I want to listen! It is about trying to find that balance because obviously Brooks is so important to me, he is only little for a short while, and I want him to know I am listening to him when he talks to me! I want to establish that now so he knows he can come to me, I will listen to him and give him my attention! While also teaching him that sometimes mom needs to talk and discuss things with other adults too! Helping him understand this is good for both of us because mom can learn from others and I am a better mom when I am able to take this time and talk to other adults too!

I do not have a solution for this as I am working through this but feel like it is something that isn’t brought up enough and wanted to highlight it here! Also to say I AM SORRY if you have been on the receiving end of this and if this happens to you I see you mama and I GET IT!

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