Tv for the Family

I grew up watching American Idol every week with my parents. I was, of course older than Lucian is, but I have fond memories of making sure I was home to watch with my mom and dad. Now, we have started watching shows with Lucian. It is also nice to have some shows that we actually WANT to sit down and watch (no offense Paw Patrol, Mecha Builders and Blippi!) So, I thought I would share our favorites.

Is it Cake? Netlfix
This is defintiely the current favorite. Lucian loves getting a tray with two objects then building a third object out of kinetic sand to be the “cake.”

Hot Wheels Peacock
Lance’s family is a big car family, so this one was an obvious home run! We love gettingto see what they create!

Squished Peacock
This show is so fun. I love how kids are the stars, so it feels more relatable for kids watching!

Secrets of the Zoo Disney+
This one is really interesting. We all learn a lot about animals and love getting to see the behind the scenes.

Rock the Block Hulu/HGTV
For some reason, Lucian loves this show. He caught me watching it once and then started to request it. If only he knew how much renovating his Mom and Dad have done!

Bluey Disney+
A big hit for everyone of course! We laugh and cry watching Blue with Lu.

Definitely share if you have shows that are great for the family!!

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