TWOtti Fruitti Party

Lucian and his friends are obsessed with fruit. They all devour plates and plates of berries and melon. Lucian’s newest obsession is apples cut up with parmesan sprinkled on top…

We decided to use this theme for our party and it was a BIG hit!

For decorations, I got most things from either Dollar Tree or Target. I got pretty lucky and fruit themed things were pretty easy to find this summer! I purchased the balloon arch from Amazon. I highly recommend doing a balloon arch. There are kits for every theme and the kit made it SO simple to create! For the low price, it made a pretty fun impact.

My husband made a splash pad for the kids (more on that another day!). We found the slip n slide at Target. We knew the splash pad would be a big hit, but the slip n slide was too. I was really only expecting the older kids to enjoy it, but Lu and Brooks, both got right in there!

I did a giant watermelon sensory bin by ordering water beads to put in a pink kiddie pool. Then, I added black foam sheets cut into the shape of watermelon seeds and a variety of scoops. This was a big hit too, for all ages. I had kids and parents both ask about where to buy water beads.

I bought WAY too much fruit. But, I just put it out on trays. I used a cookie cutter to make watermelon slices into the number 2 and put out cute little picks. I also made a cheesecake dip and a strawberry dip. I really loved the cheesecake dip with the strawberries. I am actually snacking on this as we speak. It worked out perfectly that Chick-fil-A was doing a deal on their nugget trays for the 4th. So we did that and chips with our fruit. Everyone was really happy with the food.

My sister in law iced the cutest fruity cupcakes for us! And we did two candy “fruit trays” on the cupcake table too.

Lucian’s shirt turned out so cute. My mom started a tradition many years ago where she makes a shirt for her grandkids to wear each birthday. The kids tell her what they want on it with their number. She found his cute shirt at Old Navy and added the 2.

I made these little favors/goodie bags for the kiddos. I bought the cups from Dollar Tree and stuffed them with fruit scented playdough, fruity tattoos and the CUTEST pineapple sunglasses!

We loved the fruit theme, everything was bright, yummy and PERFECT for summer! And this guy partied ’til he couldn’t party anymore..

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