Ultrasound Keepsake/Announcement

I am really excited to share this project. I had an idea to do something with ultrasounds and had Jennie send over a few shots of their little bug to play around with. I used the laser for the entirety of this project! Once I got the ultrasound looking how I wanted it, the rest just came to me and this little keepsake was born!

I love getting to make things people will cherish for a long time. We still have Lucian’s ultrasound framed in his bedroom! I can see this being a great way to announce a pregnancy to family, shower decor, a way to display your baby-to-be on you desk and more! The words are totally customizable, so whether you are using it for the memory, an announcement or decor, you can choose the perfect saying and whether you want to include the baby’s name.

I’m also excited at the idea of making ultrasound ornaments closer to the holidays!! You can find this ultrasound keepsake in our Etsy store here.

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