Valentine’s Day Fun

Tomorrow is February and we are ready for all things love and hearts. Kids make Valentine’s Day so fun! We love doing Valentines to give to their friends and family. And you guys know we love a good theme around here, so the hearts and crafts will be all around for the next two weeks.


We had some fun painting with some different items to make some fun valentines! We used bubble wrap in the shape of a heart, a truck to drive through paint and paint, and we worked on counting while we made some caterpillars using pom-poms!

We made some handprint art! I really love this cactus one!

And Lucian got a pair of scissors and a glue stick for Christmas that he has been using so much! So, I incorporated those with this “Love you to pieces” valentine.


We love kinetic sand and construction equipment around here, so naturally we have everything to excavate hearts! I just grabbed these rings at the Dollar Tree and let Lu dig them out!

We also scored these noodles from Aldi (Trader Joes has some heart pasta too!) and plan to do a sensory bin with it. I grabbed two bags so it could be a dinner too!

TRADITIONS: We are both going to do 14 Days of Love with the boys and we are both very excited about this new tradition. We will add a new reason why we love the boys for the next 14 days.


We LOVE books! Some of our favorite Valentines books are:

LOVE from the Crayons

I Love You, Stinky Face

LOVE from the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Paw Patrol Best Furry Friends

Llama Llama I Love You

TREATS: We also like to do fun food around Valentines too whether it is heart shaped cookies, pancakes, pizza, pasta, etc.

Lucian and I love to make Cool Whip cookies. The ingredients are simple and Lu loves scooping (and sampling) the Cool Whip. For Valentines Day we added food coloring and M&Ms.


Love Letter Mailbox

Build a Ladybug with Love

Valentine Hand/Footprint

Build a Robot with Love

I Love You Teether

Valentine’s Donuts

Love from your Little Bug

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