Ways to Include Older Siblings to Help with New Babies

Brooks has transitioned into his role as big brother so beautifully! It has been such an AMAZING thing to watch as their relationship with each other grows and develops! The love they already have and show for each other is wild especially since Sawyer is just 6 months old but he shows his love for Brooks too! Sawyer lights up when he spots Brooks and when Brooks talks to him, Brooks gets the biggest smiles and laughs from Sawyer!

Ways Brooks helps and Interacts with Sawyer:

  • Gets Diapers/Wipes for us & Throws them away
  • Gets Toys for him
  • Gives him his Paci or Fox when needed
  • Talking to him in the car to soothe him if he gets upset
  • Sings “You are My Sunshine” to soothe him
  • Plays peekaboo with him
  • “Reads” to him, shows him pictures and reads the parts of the books he knows or makes up his own story
  • Shares his toys with him
  • Helping pick out Sawyer’s outfit
  • Taking him exploring with him, showing him some of his favorite places (parks, fountains, creeks)
  • Being his biggest encourager when its time to eat, he loves to cheer him on saying Yay Sawyer when he eats/likes something new

One of my biggest fears when I was pregnant with Sawyer was how I would ever love another the way I love Brooks. And if I would be able to make time for both of them so they both know how important and loved they are. Mama, our hearts do AMAZING things and while there are hard days it is worth it! The love these boys have and show for each other already warms my heart! I share this all to say embrace letting older siblings help with new babies! Include them even in the smallest of ways! Brooks looks forward to and loves being able to help us! Sometimes it takes a little longer but that’s okay; it gets me to slow down a little!

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