Weather and Emotion Spinners

The boys enjoyed a little snow day this week, so I had weather on my mind. Lucian’s current favorite book right now is Red Sled too. So, we have been on quite the snow kick recently! I knew the perfect project to make for this week.

I love the little calendar times I have gotten to do with kids both in preschool and at the museum talking about the day and the weather. So, I thought why not eventually do some of that at home! I went ahead and made the emotion wheel too. I figure it is never too early to start talking about this. And, Lucian has been feeling some big feelings lately. 🙂

It is a little early to really use these with Lucian. But, I went ahead and added the spinners to his busy board. I love that I can use weather and emotion words while he is playing with them, and eventually we can really use them to talk about the weather coming up and the emotions he feels.

I don’t know about you, but we are hoping we can turn our weather wheel to the snowy cloud again soon!

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