Why We Take the Boys to the Library

We love taking the boys on trip to the library and we wanted to share why with you!

  1. It’s Free
    It’s hard to turn down a free, educational place for kids! We like to library hop in our county. They all have different perks. The one closest to our house is tiniest and has the smallest selection, but we love how small and not busy it is! We don’t usually have to share any of the puzzles, toys or activities that are out!
  2. It’s an Indoor Activity
    We go weekly, and we know that the library will always be open. We don’t have to worry about rain or low temperatures. We can count on this activity to never be closed. (Except when COVID got in the way, of course!)
  3. Exposure to More Books
    We both have very large book collections at home! Unless a book is just a huge asset to our libraries, it can definitely be better to just borrow. This is also super helpful when we are doing themed or holiday activities and just want books on that topic for the week or day!
  4. Story Time and other Activities
    We enjoy going to story time activities. They are just now bringing these back to our library system and we are thrilled. It is the perfect little program that gets the boys around other kids but in small, attention span appropriate sessions! Also, it is great for the kids to be around other kids and adults who are excited about books and new characters!
  5. Educational Computer Games
    Brooks LOVES the computers they have in the youth section of our library! He doesn’t get to play on our computers at home so he sees this as a BIG treat! He came across them himself and loves to play games! He found a Go Diego Go game and he enjoys watching that show so we played it for a few minutes the last time we were there.
  6. Seeing our Example
    I try to always go to the adult section and get myself a book, to show to Lu that reading is important to me too! I want to lead by example that reading and learning about new stories and characters/people is both fun and important.

Funny story: On our library trip last week, a man came into the library asking to use the computers. But, he wasn’t just asking, he was yelling! Lucian, without hesitation said “shhhhh!” The guy was oblivious to Lucian’s correction and continued yelling. Luckily, Lu and I were a whole department away from where the man was standing because, Lu looked at me and said, “Hey Mom, we are supposed to be quiet in here!” I was glad the man couldn’t hear us, but couldn’t help but let out a little giggle.

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