Winter Books

You know our love for books around here! We LOVE books and so do the boys! Chloe and I are sharing some of ours and the boys’ favorite winter themed books and of course we cannot do that without a few Christmas books sprinkled in there too!

Little Snowflake: All about snowflakes and how they form!

Lizard in a Blizzard: Cute rhyming book that is great for phonetic awareness.

Christmas: Brooks loves this one because of the big tabs and all he is able to see related to Christmas in it!

Shh! Bears Sleeping: This has quickly become a new favorite! It is about hibernating and how bears sleep during the winter. Brooks got this from the Imagination Library by Dolly Parton. This isn’t available everywhere yet but I highly recommend looking to see if it is available near you! Brooks gets a book in the mail every month and he loves it! Getting mail is always fun and he loves books so it is a win win!

Santa Post: This is such a sweet book about a letter that Santa gets but can’t make out what the little girl is asking for and it turns out he gets her exactly what she wanted!

Merry Christmas, Stinky Face: We LOVE the Stinky Face books and this one is no exception! Where the inquisitive child asks lots of questions about what if this or that happens.

What is Snow?: We have a couple of these style lift the flap question and answer books! This has lots of great information about snow with simple explanations and the fact that it is interactive with the flaps makes it a fun one for Brooks too!

Red Sled: Chloe and Lu introduced us to this book and it is so much fun! Brooks LOVES all the sounds and acting them out as we read!

Pete the Cat’s 12 Groovy Days of Christmas: Pete the Cat is another favorite around here! This one is so much fun!

Polar Express: I LOVE the Polar Express movie so of course we had to have this book to read! Brooks loves trains and so he really likes this one!

Red Hat: This one is written by the same author as Red Sled! It is another really fun with lots of sounds!

Christmas Stories for Little Children: This book is filled with lots of little Christmas short stories! Brooks likes making our way through this one each year. Choosing a different story each time.

Olive the Other Reindeer: This is one of my personal favorites and Lucian loves it too.

Santa’s Suit: This is by far Lucian’s favorite winter book. He requests it every night.

Snowmen at Night: This is a cute one and fun for the adults, there are hidden pictures on every page!

If You Take a Mouse the the Movies: We love this series, so the winter version is no different. So good!

Santa Duck: This is another one that Lucian likes to ask for.

Elmer in the Snow: Elmer books are always a big hit with Lu!

Dream Snow: I wasn’t familiar with this Eric Carole book until this year. I love the number repetition and Lucian loves finding the animals behind each flap!

Christmas Around the World: This one is a fun way to learn about other traditions. And the illustrations are so fun and bright too!

The Night Before Christmas: we have the traditional version and a few other versions too.

How Do Dinosaurs say Merry Christmas: no book list is complete around here without a Dino book added in!

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas: Pete the Cat is another must have on every list, we think!

That’s Not My Snowman: I thought Lucian would be over this one by this year. But he still loves it!

Some books we just ordered:

Tonight You Are My Baby: I just realized, excluding the Jesus Storybook Bible, we didn’t have any books telling the birth of Jesus. So, we both just ordered this one that my sister recommended.

All the Colors of Christmas: We have another book by this author that we love, so this one is on it’s way to us!

A World of Cookies for Santa: I am really excited about this addition and looking forward to learning together as a family about different traditions and cultures surrounding Christmas

Christmas Cookie Day: I LOVE baking cookies with Brooks and we enjoy sharing them with others so this book seemed like a great fit for us to celebrate and read before we bake our cookies each year! A fun suggestion from LittleCubLiteracy on Instagram, see more suggestions from her below!

Some books we are hoping to add to our collection soon:

Christmas Around the World

LittleCubLiteracy on Instagram always has GREAT suggestions for books! These books are all part of her Christmas post this year:

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