Woodland Block Set

Our little guy has been wanting to spend all of his time outside exploring, now that the weather is changing. He loves exploring on our land as well as visiting nearby parks and walking paths. His love for playing outside combined with Earth Day tomorrow, I thought I would make him a toy that helps him embrace the outdoors, even on a rainy day! I have seen a couple of places making tree inspired blocks and decided to try it out!

I really love the way these turned out. They are a nice chunky size for little toddler hands. You could really add so many different toys to the set to make it something totally new. Of course, kids love animals and practicing their names and sounds, so we plan to add a woodland creature set. Part of our land is wooded, so we are no stranger to the deer, squirrels, bunnies and more!

You can find these blocks on our Etsy, here!

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