X-Carve Puzzle Project

My first kids’ craft was the name puzzle I made for my little guy! This was the first piece I have created on my own from start to finish!!! The puzzles are made on the Inventables X-Carve using the Easel Pro program. They are carved with Birch Wood, painted with Milk Paint, and finished with pure Tung Oil! Guess what?!?… ALL kid friendly!

Brooks loves it way more than I expected him to!!! When I first put it down he started grabbing at the pieces and playing with them!!!

Now anytime I get it out even when other toys are out he gravitates toward the puzzle every time!!!

I am working on rounding the edges of the number puzzle to make sure there are no sharp corners or edges!

Interested in getting a personalized name, shape, or number puzzle? I’d love to make one for your little one! To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

For an awesome, quick DIY puzzle option check out this post on Instagram at www.instagram.com/mama.and.cub.play!

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